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System.ServiceModel Namespace
The System.ServiceModel namespaces contain the types necessary to build Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service and client applications.
Public classBasicHttpBinding
Represents a binding that a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service can use to configure and expose endpoints that are able to communicate with ASMX-based Web services and clients and other services that conform to the WS-I Basic Profile 1.1.
Public classBasicHttpSecurity
Configures the security settings of a basicHttpBinding binding.
Public classCode exampleClientBaseTChannel
Provides the base implementation used to create Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) client objects that can call services.
Public classClientBaseTChannelWebMethodsCaller
Provides an API to call web methods defined in a WebService
Public classEndpointAddress
Provides a unique network address that a client uses to communicate with a service endpoint.
Public classFaultException
Represents a SOAP fault.
Public classHttpBindingBase
Public classINTERNAL_WorkAroundIssueWithJSILAndDynamicUnderVs2015
Public classMessageBodyMemberAttribute
Specifies that a member is serialized as an element inside the SOAP body.
Public classMessageContractAttribute
Defines a strongly-typed class that corresponds to a SOAP message.
Public classMessageContractMemberAttribute
Declares the base members for System.ServiceModel.MessageBodyMemberAttribute and System.ServiceModel.MessageHeaderAttribute.
Public classOperationContractAttribute
Indicates that a method defines an operation that is part of a service contract in a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) application.
Public classServiceContractAttribute
Indicates that an interface or a class defines a service contract in a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) application.
Public interfaceIClientChannel
Defines the behavior of outbound request and request/reply channels used by client applications.
Public enumerationBasicHttpSecurityMode
Specifies the types of security that can be used with the system-provided System.ServiceModel.BasicHttpBinding.