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Windows.UI.Xaml.Input Namespace
The Windows.UI.Xaml.Input namespace defines the input and input event infrastructure for apps and UI elements.
Public classKeyRoutedEventArgs
Provides data for the KeyUp and KeyDown routed events, as well as related attached and Preview events.
Public classPointer
Represents a pointer device.
Public classPointerRoutedEventArgs
Provides event data for pointer message events related to specific user interface elements, such as PointerPressed.
Public classTappedRoutedEventArgs
Provides event data for the Tapped event.
Public delegateKeyEventHandler
Represents the method that handles the KeyUp and KeyDown events.
Public delegatePointerEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle pointer message events such as PointerPressed.
Public delegateTappedEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle the Tapped event.