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Windows.UI.Xaml.Media Namespace
The Windows.UI.Xaml.Media namespace provides basic media support, graphics primitives, and brush-drawing APIs.
Public classArcSegment
Represents an elliptical arc between two points.
Public classBezierSegment
Represents a cubic Bezier curve drawn between two points.
Public classBrush
Defines objects used to paint graphical objects. Classes that derive from Brush describe how the area is painted.
Public classCompositeTransform
Applies multiple transform operations to an object.
Public classDoubleCollection
Represents an ordered collection of Double values.
Public classEllipseGeometry
Represents the geometry of a circle or ellipse.
Public classFontFamily
Represents a family of related fonts.
Public classGeneralTransform
Provides generalized transformation support for objects, such as points and rectangles.
Public classGeometry
Provides a base class for objects that define geometric shapes. Geometry objects can be used for clipping regions and as geometry definitions for rendering two-dimensional graphical data as a Path.
Public classImageSource
Provides an object source type for Source and ImageSource.
Public classLineGeometry
Represents the geometry of a line.
Public classLineSegment
Represents a line drawn between two points, which can be part of a PathFigure within Path data.
Public classPathFigure
Represents a subsection of a geometry, a single connected series of two-dimensional geometric segments.
Public classPathFigureCollection
Represents a collection of PathFigure objects that collectively make up the geometry of a PathGeometry.
Public classPathGeometry
Represents a complex shape that may be composed of arcs, curves, ellipses, lines, and rectangles.
Public classPathSegment
Represents a segment of a PathFigure object.
Public classPathSegmentCollection
Represents a collection of PathSegment objects that can be individually accessed by index.
Public classPointCollection
Represents a collection of Point values that can be individually accessed by index.
Public classPolyBezierSegment
Represents one or more cubic Bezier curves.
Public classPolyLineSegment
Represents a set of line segments defined by a Point collection with each Point specifying the end point of a line segment.
Public classPolyQuadraticBezierSegment
Public classQuadraticBezierSegment
Creates a quadratic Bezier curve between two points in a PathFigure.
Public classRotateTransform
Rotates an object clockwise about a specified point in a two-dimensional x-y coordinate system.
Public classScaleTransform
Scales an object in the two-dimensional x-y coordinate system.
Public classSkewTransform
Represents a two-dimensional skew.
Public classSolidColorBrush
Paints an area with a solid color.
Public classTransform
Defines functionality that enables transformations in a two-dimensional plane.
Public classTranslateTransform
Translates (moves) an object in the two-dimensional x-y coordinate system.
Public classVisualTreeHelper
Provides utility methods that can used to traverse object relationships (along child object or parent object axes) in the visual tree.
Public enumerationFillRule
Specifies how the intersecting areas of PathFigure objects contained in a Geometry are combined to form the area of the Geometry.
Public enumerationMediaCanPlayResponse
Describes the likelihood that the media engine can play a media source based on its file type and characteristics.
Public enumerationPenLineCap
Describes the shape at the end of a line or segment.
Public enumerationPenLineJoin
Describes the shape that joins two lines or segments.
Public enumerationStretch
Describes how content is resized to fill its allocated space.
Public enumerationSweepDirection
Specifies the direction in which an elliptical arc is drawn.