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UIElement Properties

The UIElement type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDispatcher
Gets the CoreDispatcher that this object is associated with.
(Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public propertyEffect
Public propertyOpacity
Gets or sets the degree of the object's opacity. A value between 0 and 1.0 that declares the opacity factor, with 1.0 meaning full opacity and 0 meaning transparent. The default value is 1.0.
Public propertyRenderTransform
Gets or sets transform information that affects the rendering position of a UIElement.
Public propertyRenderTransformOrigin
Public propertyUseLayoutRounding
Gets or sets a value that determines whether rendering for the object and its visual subtree should use rounding behavior that aligns rendering to whole pixels.
Public propertyVisibility
Gets or sets the visibility of a UIElement. A UIElement that is not visible is not rendered and does not communicate its desired size to layout.
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