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Windows.UI.Xaml.Media.Animation Namespace

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Public classDiscreteObjectKeyFrame
Animates from the Object value of the previous key frame to its own Value using discrete values.
Public classObjectAnimationUsingKeyFrames
Animates the value of an Object property along a set of KeyFrames over a specified Duration.
Public classObjectKeyFrame
Defines an animation segment with its own target value and interpolation method for an ObjectAnimationUsingKeyFrames.
Public classObjectKeyFrameCollection
Represents a collection of ObjectKeyFrame objects that can be individually accessed by index.
Public classStoryboard
Controls animations with a timeline, and provides object and property targeting information for its child animations.
Public classTimeline
Defines a segment of time.
Public classTimelineCollection
Represents a collection of Timeline objects.
Public classTransition
Represents a visual behavior that occurs when a control is affected by a predefined action or state change. These may be applied to individual elements using the Transitions property, or applied to the children of a Panel using the ChildrenTransitions property.
Public classTransitionCollection
Represents a collection of Transition objects.
Public structureKeyTime
Specifies when a particular key frame should take place during an animation.